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10 Items Every Traveler Needs In Their Winter Suitcase

It’s a new season & with the change of weather comes a whole new list of needs as a traveler. Our suitcases are constantly rotating month by month but it can be so easy to overpack or even forget the essentials when we are so eager to get ready for our next destination. As winter approaches and holiday vacation planning is in full force, the need for a checklist is vital. Here are the top 10 items that every traveler needs in their winter suitcase.

  1. A Convertible Jacket
    Winter can be unpredictable and very often you are in need of a heavy coat. Having something that is convertible – meaning you can remove the sleeves and just have on a vest – is a great way to get the most bag for your buck & your space!
  2. Cashmere Tights
    Whether you want to wear a holiday dress or your cutest new pair of denim, these tights can help keep you toasty underneath any of your clothing!
  3. Boots
    Nothing beats a good pair of boots. TIP: Always wear your heaviest and bulkiest pair of shoes on travel days so they don’t have to fit in your bag.
  4. A Long Coat
    Long coats can help your entire body feel protected from cold wind and breeze. They come in handy when you don’t have the warmest layers on underneath.
  5. Layering Turtleneck
    Grab one that you love how you look in & you will feel confident whether you wear it on it’s own or layer it underneath a sweater or dress.
  6. A Crossbody Handbag
    Hands-free is always the way to be on trips. Not only will it be less stressful on you when you have to carry your luggage or board planes, trains, and buses, but it’s also safe & not as easy to lose in a new place.
  7. A Blanket Scarf
    Another double whammy – you get the comfort of a scarf when you need it, but a blanket to cover you up on those chilly plane rides.
  8. Texting Gloves
    These are a must have in the winter. No one wants to have to take off their gloves every single time you need to get into your phone. Essential!
  9. A Beanie
    Your head will thank you. Winter can be no joke and sometimes cold ears are the tipping point to make you rather go back to your hotel then keep exploring. Keep it in your bag for when the wind gets too unbearable & your day will be saved.
  10. Bold Lipstick
    Any look can be elevated from day to night or made to look even more festive with a bold lip. Using this a way to bring another “accessory” to change your look, without taking up any room at all.

What are some of your best tips for packing for the winter season?

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