Leslie Rubero

10 Things Every HR Professional Should Have

Being an HR professional means wearing many hats. As a human resource manager, you have the ability to set the tone in many cases for your corporation – no matter how big or small. Employees within your organization come to you for advice, guidance, and personal issues that are affecting their work.

With sympathy as well as professionalism, you are asked to take on the role of representing the company and the employee simultaneously. There are many tactics that an HR professional should have in their back pocket and be able to use at any given time. Some may come natural to you & that is a great thing – but some things may need some more practice and that’s okay! Working on your craft and your career is a sign of growth. 

Here are 10 things that every HR professional should have: 

  1. Vision
    Be able to think further than just the here and now. Create processes to be able to set goals and achieve them. Think big and out of the box.

  2. Strategic Thinking Skills
    Not everything is black and white. Thinking critically will allow you to see more than just one side of the story in many cases.

  3. Communication
    This one is self-explanatory, but most of your job will require you to talk and communicate with others within your organization. You represent the business and the employee, so being able to merge the two and allow for discussion is key.

  4. Tech-Savvy
    With so much of our industry going virtual – with emails and zoom calls, being tech savvy will be a great asset. There are also so many great systems to keep you organized that will be helpful tools!

  5. Flexibility
    The job is ever changing & a need can arise at any time. Being comfortable on your toes and being able to pivot will be essential.

  6. Understanding Numbers
    Budgets and savings and payroll and all those tasks can oftentimes fall on you as well. Being knowledgeable in these areas and having the capacity to learn will also be a great skill to posses.

  7. Partnership
    Partnering with your coworkers is so very important. Being a team player and getting along with others will advance you quicker than anything else.

  8. Comfortability Leaving Your Office
    Sometimes the job takes you to other people’s fronts. You don’t always have the upper hand of being in your comfortable space. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

  9. Risk Taking
    Always be ready to do something new and take a risk! This will help everyone involved grow!

  10. Inspiring Others
    HR is all about the people. Inspiring those around you to do the best that they can do and inspiring your company to have the best interests of the clients and employees will largely fall on you. Inspiration should come natural – and if it doesn’t then work on creating that spirit of positivity and communication skills in your life. 

Do you feel like you have the necessary skills to be truly successful in this industry? Making notes about what you feel like you are great at and where you can improve will help you to advance in your career & become more successful with your company and your coworkers. 

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