Leslie Rubero

10 Ways You Can Celebrate NYE At Home This Year

This year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations might look a little different than in year’s past. With fewer options for celebrating outside of your home, it might be time to get creative with how you can celebrate at home. Here are 10 ways you can celebrate New Year’s Eve at home this year.

Game Night – Pull out your favorite board games and organize a game night. You can even keep score continually from game to game and crown an ultimate winner at the end of the night.

Chopped at Home – Organize a Chopped at Home competition by gathering some unique ingredients and challenging your family to create the most creative meal they can with the provided ingredients. Take the challenge to the next level by throwing in a surprise ingredient midway through the evening.

Book Exchange – Borrow a page from Iceland’s Christmas Eve tradition and exchange books with each other and then spend the evening reading while enjoyng  yummy snacks.

Movie Marathon – Choose either a New Year’s Eve themed movie (like Sleepless in Seattle, the aptly titled New Year’s Eve, Waiting to Exhale, or Four Rooms) or set a theme for the evening. Watch all the Harry Potter movies, all the Star Wars movies or another theme appealing to you.

New Year’s Eve TV – Bookmark all the New Year’s Eve episodes of your favorite TV shows and watch them all back to back to enjoy a countdown to midnight over and over. 

Fancy Party – Even if you’re at home, with only a small group or your household, dress up in your best party clothes and have a fancy party.

Vision Board – Spend the evening reflecting on the previous year and making a vision board for the upcoming year. Think about the things you want to do and accomplish in the next 12 months and put them together in one place you can easily see throughout the year. 

Countdown Calendar – Similar to an Advent calendar leading up to Christmas, come up with small little gifts or treats to open each hour as you countdown to midnight.

Escape Room – Make your own at home escape room or download a digital escape room online. Decorate a room in your house to match the theme of the escape room and then see if you can escape before the clock strikes midnight. 

Craft Night – Buy, or prepare, a few DIY craft projects and spend the evening crafting your way into the new year. 

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