Leslie Rubero

10 Winter Home Decor Tips

Winter blues are real & one great way to combat them is by creating a cozy and inspirational space at home. The way that your house feels and functions can have a huge impact on your well being and even your attitude. Bringing in the beauty and the natural coziness of the winter season can help you feel more connected and excited about the change of seasons. There are countless ways to decorate for the winter holidays, but I am excited to share with you the ways in which you can give your space a makeover that isn’t tied to any specific holiday you may celebrate. These universal decor tips will surely make your home look and feel more welcoming for you and your guests! 

  1. Create a coffee/cocoa station. Having a hot drink on hand can help anyone overcome those darker and colder morning blues! Making it cute and functional is a plus. 
  2. Bring in colors of the season. Lots of white can make your space emulate with festive snowy vibes and even brighten your view from the inside – out! 
  3. Create a porch display. Walking into your home & putting a smile on your face is the goal. Think about adding some plants or wreaths (or even cute snuggly creatures!) to your porch to make it shine with personality. 
  4. Include more pillows and blankets. The cozier the better! Everyone loves snuggling up with a sweater pillow or a plush blanket -adding these to your bed or couch will make you feel even more thrilled to be cozying up at home. 
  5. Natural garlands can be a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. It’s been proven that plants in a home lifts the spirits (and air quality!) 
  6. Candles and fires can make anyone warm and bright. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider getting a fire pit for your backyard. Add lots of candles to your home as well. The smells and the atmosphere will change – instantly! 
  7. Dried fruits are a great way to spruce up your area. Kitchen decor is all the rage these days. Think about the beautiful dried orange garlands or bowls of dried cranberries you have likely seen in those home decor magazines. Try adding them in your kitchen as well. 
  8. Pinecones are still a hit! Remember as a kid, painting pine cones silver and gold. Turns out, that can be pretty elegant! 
  9. Replace florals with twigs and evergreen leaves. Take those vases out from the cabinets and grab some white twigs or fluffy greenery to add to them instead. 
  10. Plaids are always fun & adding them with either a bow around your centerpieces, or as a blanket on your chair, they make any wintery space more joyful.  

What winter decor are you looking forward to adding into your space? 

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