Leslie Rubero

4 Tips To Enhance Your iPhone Photography Skills

The days of needing tons of heavy equipment to get that perfect shot are long gone! With the advances of iPhone photography, camera apps, and accessories, anyone with a phone to showcase their photographic eye are now able to and this has been a huge factor in the influx of beautiful travel photos and blogs we see today. You may be wondering how they get that great shot & even more surprised when you see that they took it with their iPhone, so here are 4 tips to enhance how you use your own smart phone for photo taking professionalism!

Be sure that you take the time to create the shot.
Great photos rarely just happen – completely candidly. For the most part, you will need to take a few moments to think about your shot – no matter what camera you are using. Find the best angle, the best lighting, and stand steady to avoid and blur. Taking just a few extra seconds to ensure you have a great photo – rather than just walking and snapping as you go – will help you to get that winning photo!

Get a great travel tripod.
This is great for being able to hold your phone up higher, use it for selfie shots, and also to stand it up on something in order to use the self timer option. Having this device can elevate your photos a ton from just a regualr selfie-mode to full on travel Instagram model.

Edit your photos to match your ideal style.
You will notice that when you browse those amazing travel blogs for inspiration that they generally have the same aesthetic and style – no matter where the photo has been taken. This is usually because of their editing style. Whether you like it dark and moody or bright and white – finding your style and sticking to it is a great way to enhance your photos. Lightroom is a great (& free app) for this!

Try out different settings.
Every phone has different settings & each new version of the iPhone also has it’s own settings that are unique. Find out how to use them. Take photos in Portrait mode and also in wide angle. Take a variety of shots so that you can choose what worked best later.

As a traveler, the photos that you get in a new place are generally all we really take back with us alongside the memories. Using your phone to it’s full potential will ensure that you have beautiful pictures to share and to cherish!

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