Leslie Rubero

5 Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Make It Fresh For The New Year

When the calendar flips to January 1 our minds think of the changes we can implement in the upcoming year. Maybe it’s a new eating plan, maybe it’s a new exercise routine, maybe it’s a new hobby you’d like to learn. The beginning of a new year represents new beginnings and that also includes your home. Here are five changes you can make to your home to make it fresh for the new year.

Deep cleaning – Usually we think of deep cleaning in our houses in March or April when it’s time for the traditional Spring cleaning, but this year consider moving that to January. Don’t just clean those hard to reach places that often get skipped in regular cleaning, take a deep dive in your closets and dressers. Cleaning out these places can be just the change your wardrobe needs for a new year refresh. Cleaning out your drawers means you can then remove countertop clutter with newly opened drawer space. A clutter free house can help your home feel fresh for the new year. 

Rearrange the furniture – Even if you can’t buy a new couch for the new year, shopping what you already have is a fun way to freshen up your home in the new year. Put the couch in a new spot, move a coffee table to another room, put your bed on a different wall in your bedroom. Even with all the same furniture, having it all arranged in a new way can freshen up your home and help you create new traffic patterns and behaviors. This not only helps freshen up your home but helps you break out of routines you’re in. 

Update your linens – Get creative when it comes to updating the linens in your home by considering anything that might fall into this category. Sheets, pillows, window coverings, rugs, the sky’s the limit! This might mean getting a new accent pillow for your couch or bed. You can also buy new pillow covers to update an existing accent pillow. You can purchase new sheets or trade out your holiday sheets for winter themed sheets. 

Rotate your collections – You don’t need to display your full collections at all times. Whether it’s your art or collectibles, consider using the new year to rotate your collections. Take down the art from the walls and hang up other pieces from your collection. The same thing can be done for collections displayed in your home, take down some pieces and put up others. 

Update an accent color – Bring in a new accent color to freshen up your home. You can update the space with a new accent color by painting a wall, adding new throw pillows, replacing a rug, or updating window coverings. 

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