Leslie Rubero

5 Ways To Be Productive At Home While Social Distancing

The world is in a unique situation right now, one that none of us have ever seen before. The need for as many of us as possible to stay home and isolate from others tends to go counter culture to what we naturally feel like doing. We all crave that human contact and the freedom to come and go as we will, but for this time in history, we are being asked to stay home for the greater good. Although many of us aren’t used to spending so much of our day in our house, there are many ways to be productive and make the best of it! Whether you are working from home, taking care of your kids and homeschooling for the time being, or simply off of work and spending this time indoors, here are some ways to get through it and feel more accomplished at the end of it! 

  1. Start that hobby that you have always put off.
    Do you have paint just collecting dust in the closet? Have you put away your notepad and not written poems in years? What is it that you love to do but have always put on the back burner because you did not have the “time?” Now is that very time to start or revisit a hobby that can bring you joy! 
  2. Begin your spring cleaning.
    I previously wrote a blog about spring cleaning and tips on how to accomplish it, but now is a great time. We are stuck in here anyway, so why not make the best of it and really deep clean and organize like we always wished we could? 
  3. Start an at-home workout routine.
    Gyms are closed and many parks and beaches are following suit. At home workouts are all the rage right now simply because of our confinement to this space. There are endless amazing resources online to choose from. On YouTube and Instagram alone, fitness instructions and organizations are putting out free content so that you can workout like a pro – right in your own living room. 
  4. Take an online class and learn something new.
    Did you know that many online classes are also free right now? Even Universities are allowing students to enroll in some accredited courses for no cost. This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill or just enhance your knowledge of something you love. 
  5. Read books or listen to podcasts that you wished you had the time for.
    Do you have a bookshelf of best sellers that you have been itching to read, but time seems to always get away from you? How about prioritizing reading during this quarantine? Do you prefer to listen to podcasts? While at home, stream them daily while doing your chores or get ready routine! 

We cannot control all of the circumstances around us, but we can choose to see the light at the end of the tunnel and embrace our time at home. Social distancing may be difficult, but perhaps we can come out of this with a  renewed sense of self and of community.

Stay safe, everyone! 

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