Leslie Rubero

6 Fun Ways To Display Photos In Your Home

When you are into taking photographs in these modern times, you may have all the storage space digitally that you could ever dream of, but do you ever wonder about ways in which you can showcase your photography in your own home? With the turn of time, photos are much more accessible and viewable as a phone screensaver or a Facebook post, but there is something so special about having your personal viewpoint shown off in your space – whether that be your home or office. I have compiled 10 unique ways to show off your photographs in a way that will inspire even more creativity!

  1. Create a gallery wall: This is a great way to create a theme in your space and really get to put on display many photos. A large blank wall, a hallway, or above a mantle are great places to create something special.
  2. Standing frames: Have you seen this new trend? It’s making it’s way into weddings and events, but it is very beautiful in a home as well. Some ways to have standing frames are on easel type stands or even custom copper, silver, matte black, or any color and texture that fits your style.
  3. Turn your photos into magnets: Over are the days of the modern refrigerator – bare and plain! People are back to wanting to use this space within your kitchen to show off photos they love.
  4. Mixing your photos with other design pieces: Photographs are a great way to accentuate the style and decor that you already have in your home. Keep color schemes the same and pick frames that match your style.
  5. Create custom pieces that create another photo: You’ve seen these before! Online websites are available that take your pictures and use them to create something larger – such as using your pictures to write out your family name, etc. What a special way to include your memories.
  6. Put your pictures on a canvas: Canvas prints are timeless and make your pictures pop! They also are a great way to stand them up on their own and give dimension in your space.

Creating your personal space should be just that – PERSONAL! Do what feels special and perfect to you and watch your creativity soar.

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