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6 Spring Photography Tips To Try

As spring approaches there is so much to enjoy and get excited about. Whether you had a harsh, cold winter, or a mild one, the arrival of spring always just helps to inspire and signify a new time! Fresh, bright, and fun – spring can inspire outfit changes, home decor and organization, but also our photography styles. Spruce up your business, blog, or personal photos and social media feeds but incorporating some new things into the mix this season. Here are 6 of my best photography tips to try out – brought to you by the love of springtime: 

  1. Focus on the white balance.
    With all of the bright colors bound to be in your photos, try focusing on matching those colors to their true hue as closely as possible. Watching out for the white balance on your camera and tuning that can help you get those crisp and beautiful colors that you see with the eye! 
  2. Be sure to head outdoors!
    Winter has a lot of indoor activities, and many of your photos may have been captured inside over the past few months. Start testing your shots outside in natural light during different times of day & enjoy the sunshine while you are at it. 
  3. Showcase landscape shots.
    No matter where you live or where you are traveling to, spring always has some beautiful views of new growth – be it a field of tulips sprouting or a mountain that is regaining it’s greenery. Showcasing the beauty of the season is a great way to embrace it. 
  4. Don’t be afraid of the bright sun.
    Many times, it is discouraged to shoot photos in the sun – but you can get some incredible pictures by embracing the bright and golden feel. Use your flash to help diminish any dark shadows – especially when taking photos of people. 
  5. Utilize flowers.
    Spring time is all about the flowers. Use them as props, shoot with them in the background, or be inspired by their hues in your outfit color schemes. 
  6. Play with angles.
    Work up the nerve to start trying something new this season. Work some angles with how you shoot. Squat down or stand tall, but try breaking the mold. 

What are you most looking forward to this spring season? 

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