Leslie Rubero

7 Tips For Staying Hydrated Throughout Your Day

Hydration is one of those daily habits and necessities that you need to constantly stay on top of. It’s a sad reality that most people are dehydrated and do not even know it! So many health issues and daily frustrations, such as headaches, anxiety, overeating, and more, stem from the fact that we first off are not hydrated enough. When you are not hydrated, nothing else can run smoothly, and so that is why I am putting together an easy list of 7 tips for staying up to date on your hydration status throughout the day. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Always start your morning with water. After 8-10 hours of likely no water, it is essential to your body and system to get some water in you asap! It’s a great habit to start and you will thank yourself for it.
  2. Don’t leave home without a water bottle in hand. When it’s in your hand or by your side, you will be way more likely to drink it and drink it faster. If you leave it up to chance and say “I’ll grab some water later” than you are much more likely to forget or go longer without taking some sips.
  3. Add some flavor to your water. You can do this with drops and sweeteners that are found on the market or you can do it by infusing fruit – such as lemon, lime, berries, etc – into your bottle. It makes it sweeter and can help with that bore that we sometimes feel with plain water.
  4. You can even eat your water! This may sound funny, but it makes total sense. A lot of healthy foods and snacks have high water content – like melons, spinach, berries, cucumber, and bell peppers, just to name a few. When you incorporate these into your day, you are keeping hydrated as well.
  5. Take water breaks. Add an alarm to your phone for certain increments of time. Each time it goes off, make sure to drink a glass of water!
  6. Keep track. Not everyone is the same and some people really need to see the progress and checkmark how much they have drank. Keeping track is a great way to know if you are staying on track with your water goals.
  7. Take a sip before you snack. Every time you feel hungry – take a large sip of water (or more) before you eat anything! This will help ensure you are getting your sips in and staying hydrated and not just replacing your thirst with hunger.

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