Leslie Rubero

8 Photography Tips For Self-Taught Photographers

Becoming a self taught photographer is accessible to all of us! Sure, it will take work and dedication like any new skill learned, but with all the information online, there is nothing stopping you from chasing your dreams and mastering this career!

  1. Read Your Camera’s Manual. Knowing your camera is the VERY first step. You should know everything about what it can do and why it does what it does. The camera that you work with will have a huge impact on the photography that you produce and it’s your tool so it is vital to know what you are working with in its entirety.
  2. Find Something to Shoot. There’s no point in having a camera if you have nothing to shoot. Inspiration is everyone and sometimes the best way to practice is to capture the mundane and the candid. This can help you see everything around you in a new light, help train your eye, and make beauty out of your work.
  3. The Camera is Just a Camera. Don’t forget that. Cameras have various jobs and elements, but at the end of the day, the real art comes from the one who has an eye behind the camera and who practices their skill. Do not rely solely on the cameras ability’s because that will never get you to be where you want to be.
  4. Learn About Exposure. The amount of light in your shot can make or break the photo. It can also make the mood completely different depending on how to expose the photograph.
  5. Learn Composition. This is one of those aspects that can be taught but can rarely be appreciated by an untrained eye. Those who are not photographers can see a photo and know that it is unique and special, but not necessarily know why. Composition is generally why a photo looks so good to us subconsciously.
  6. Take Your Time. Learning and growing takes time and practice! The more time you spend learning and investing in your craft the better you will become.
  7. Turn Around. Look around you. Find new inspiration and directions to shoot, Figure out where the light and shadows are coming from.
  8. Smile. Get in front of the camera sometimes to get comfortable! It’s hard to ask a model or a subject to be comfortable and find great poses if you have not had first hand experience.

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