Leslie Rubero

A Passion For Giving Back

There is something amazing about the human spirit – that despite hard times and trying circumstances, we seem to always come together and make good out of any situation. There is so much to be thankful for in our communities right now, even during scary and uncertain times, like COVID-19. When we turn to each other, for support, comfort, and assistance, that is when we see beautiful things happen and hope begin to spread like wildfire. 

Working in an essential business, I have had the privilege of continuing to work and provide for my family, but I realize everyday that isn’t the case for all the families around our Miami community. Since I have the ability to do so and a position that allows me to help others, I wanted to be sure that I did something to show how much we care. 

With the help of my company, NEX-XOS, which manufactures complete shelf stable meal kits and packaging, we are giving back to The City of Miami and will be sending meals to the Mayor, who will in turn provide first responders, community centers, and needy individuals with meals and nutrition that can help them through this time. 

I wanted to share this opportunity that I had been given to spread some hope and maybe to inspire others to find a way to give back as well. There are countless ways to reach neighbors and hurting people in the world right now. Here are some ways that can really impact others, big & small: 

  • Shop & support small family owned businesses 
  • Send a letter to a loved one
  • Donate to a local community shelter or food bank
  • Make signs to hang in your yard to spread joy and thankfulness 
  • Offer to shop for someone who is at high risk
  • and so many more! 

I truly hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time & remember, one day this will be over & we will be able to see just how strong and united we were. 

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