Leslie Rubero

At Home Photo Challenges To Strengthen Your Photography

Time at home can be a great time to challenge and grow your crafts! At home photography challenges have been all the rage online & photographers are encouraging individuals to master their craft with fun DIYs that can strengthen their skills. Have you taken part in any of these viral challenges? Here are a few that I think you will love and will help to keep your creative mind moving! 

  1. Master food photography. We are all cooking anyway, so why not pull out the camera and work on those skills? Food photography seems like a no brainer since it’s an inanimate object, but the struggle comes in finding ways to make it look appetizing and appealing. Mastering these skills will be a great feat! 
  2. Take part in the A-Z challenge. This is where you create a photograph each day for 26 days inspired by each letter. This is a great way to stretch your creativity. 
  3. Work in black and white. Many don’t use black and white as often as it used to be created, so this is a fun way to work with shadows and contrast. 
  4. Take part in color challenges. Take pictures of 3 things each day in the same color scheme. For example, Day 1 is Pink. Find 3 things in your home or yard that are pink to photograph. 
  5. Create self portraits. Do you have an updated head shot? Take this time to create one for yourself! 
  6. Photograph the mundane. Once time moves on, we often wish we had moments of the everyday. Pictures of Grandma playing with the kids, Mom and Dad cooking together… These moments can be captured at any time and are really special to have later down the road. 

Many times creativity comes out of hardship. During this time where many photographers, whether career photographers or for hobby, cannot go out and photograph as they normally would, there are still chances to perfect your craft and even get inspired for new types of work in the future! 

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