Leslie Rubero

Best Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home

There is something about the springtime air that just gives us all an itch to get into the cleaning and reorganizing spirit! Spring cleaning may be a cliché now, but it’s only that way because so many of us have decided to embrace it & use this time of year to reevaluate what is a necessity in our home and what can leave. Making your home feel more serene and peaceful is a big goal for most who decide to tidy up. With this new season comes a feeling of refresh and rebirth & we oftentimes emulate that in our daily lives. Are you looking for easy ways to get started in your spring cleaning routine? Look no further! 

Your mindset is everything when it comes to taking on a task like this. Here are a few days to keep the job from being too big of an undertaking and getting the results you are looking for:

  1. Don’t expect to do everything in one day.
    Many times, it has been years or months of pile up in certain rooms, closets, basements, etc! That won’t be completed in just a day. Give yourself grace and maybe set your calendar to focusing on a new room each weekend until you are finished. When we properly plan out our time, we tend to feel less overwhelmed. 
  2. Set standards before you begin.
    It can be easy to find that old dress in the back of your closet and convince yourself that you need to keep it – even though you haven’t worn it in 5 years. Before you begin cleaning, set some standards – like, if I have not used/worn it in a year, I will let it go! 
  3. Make bins for what you need to organize.
    At the start, get yourself a few bins that can come with you to each room. Have a donate bin, a trash bin, and a relocation bin. Anything that isn’t staying in that space needs to get sorted into one of those bins or bags! This also saves you from having to keep leaving the room to throw things out or put them back into another space where they belong. 
  4. Have the end goal in mind.
    It can start to seem monotonous or overwhelming, but the more you focus on how great it will feel when everything is cleaned and organized the more motivated you will be to get it done – while still giving yourself grace! 

Spring cleaning isn’t a necessity, but does it feel awesome when your home is running smooth and everything has a place.

In what ways do you spring clean? Do you first focus on a specific room? Let me know what your strategy is! 

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