Leslie Rubero

Best Travel Apps To Download in 2021

Travel can either be second nature or can be overwhelming depending on who you are – however no matter where you fall on that spectrum, having the assistance of travel apps can always lend a helping hand! Knowing the right resources to have to be able to properly navigate the travel industry is something that we all have access to – right in the palm of our hands! Why not benefit from it!

  1. Google Maps – this may seem like a no brainer, but even if you aren’t the one driving, Google Maps can be so helpful. This app has navigation down – but more than that, it also shows you what is nearby and can give you walking directions and times as well. Also, you can easily contact the local businesses and read reviews.
  2. TripAdvisor – When you need first hand experience and advice, this si the app to open! TripAdvisor shows you all the local hotels, restaurants, activities, and so much more and gives you a breakdown of reviews by other customers. They even allow you to book right from the app in many circumstances.
  3. Google Translate – Having this tool in your back pocket can come in handy! If you are planning to travel internationally, this is a great one to have – for obvious reasons!
  4. PackPoint – Have you ever wanted a personal assistant to pack for you? Well, with your smart phone you can get the next best thing! This app has you answer a few questions and then in a matter of minutes, a customized packing list is available for you including recommendations based on local weather and activities!
  5. XE Currency Convertor – Another great one for when you are traveling out of the US. Don’t want to bother taking out your calculator and trying to do the math for every purchase? This will instantly help you out!
  6. Air bnb – We all want to stay in the best places, but lately those best locations are not the fancy hotels, but yet the local rental homes! Air bnb can provide you with better deals, larger homes, more unique locations, and more.

In what ways do you need the most assistance when it comes to traveling? Whether you are looking for an app to help with the logistics or to help save money, these 6 will surely earn a permanent spot on your iPhone. 

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