Leslie Rubero

Creating A Home Office In A Small Space

It’s no secret that this quarantine period is still ongoing in our country and with so many employees needing to work from home indefinitely, it is time to create those home office spaces. Do you have only a small space to dedicate to your workload? No problem! It is possible to create a functional, organized, and inspiring space – no matter what size you have available to you. Here are a few ways in which you can create a home office in a small space:

  • Designate a spot. Even though you may not have an extra room to turn into an office, it is still important to designate a spot that you will be using. Some ideas are a closet turned office, the side of your dining room, or living room. Establishing this area makes your work space seem more real and practical instead of moving around the house everyday. 
  • Manage your equipment and cords. Since this is going to be a practical workspace, take the time to set up your equipment in a way that works best for you & then clear up your cords. Nothing will start to get on your nerves more than when you are having to jump over cables in your home. 
  • Bring some personality to your space. Just as you would likely do in your actual office, sprucing up your spot with fresh flowers, a candle, or some decor can really elevate the mood of the “office” and make you feel a little better about being there. 
  • Sunlight is your friend! Try to open some windows during your workday. Natural lighting is great for the mind and body. 
  • Although you may not have many square feet to work with – go tall! You can always find organizational shelves or cabinets that allow for you to store your work necessities higher rather than all spread out. 
  • Set boundaries. Whether you have other people at home that you are sharing your time with or just trying to separate work and home life, boundaries are key. Talk to others and make a plan about when and where each person will be working and what they need – for example, quiet time during conference calls, etc. 

Your home office may just be your new favorite spot to work! Take some time on a weekend to spruce it up and watch your creativity and productivity flourish. 

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