Leslie Rubero

Creative Ways To Curb Your Travel Cravings From Home

Unfortunately, 2020 has not been a year filled with travel. You are likely feeling that travel itch to get out and see and explore new places. Here are a few creative ways to curb your travel cravings from home.

The first idea is to find, and enjoy, virtual travel experiences. There are quite a few National Parks, historic sites, tourism boards and cities who have created virtual travel experiences. These allow you to explore a destination through photos, videos, and stories. While not quite the same as traveling to a destination, immersing yourself in the experience can help ease your travel cravings.

Another way to curb your travel cravings is to travel through the pages of a book. Or travel through the screen of TV shows and movies. There are a number of books, TV shows, and movies with such vivid descriptions of the setting that you will feel transported to another time and place. Think of places you’ve always wanted to visit and then find a way to visit through pages or the screen.

Another idea is to use this season of being home to plan and research future travel. If you’re craving travel this is the time to plan your dream vacation. Research where you will eat, what you will do and where you want to stay. Plan out an itinerary that you can use when travel opens back up again. And because you have additional time to plan your travel you can take the time to research restaurants, attractions, and accommodations off the beaten path. Additional time also allows for reaching out to tourism boards to ask for their top tips and recommendations.

A season without travel can also be an excellent time for picking up a new hobby. Rather than focusing on what you are unable to do in this season, use this time to learn a language you’ve always wanted to learn. Or take an online course for a skill you’ve always wanted to master. You can learn a new sport, learn to cook a new type of food or learn a new creative hobby.

This is also a wonderful season for exploring in your hometown. Find local attractions where you can safely visit to learn more about your local history and culture. Talk to your friends and neighbors to find out their favorite things to do locally.

Even if you are not able to travel traditionally this year, you still have a chance to find creative ways to curb your travel cravings from home.

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