Leslie Rubero

Five Valuable Character Traits For HR Professionals

Are you looking to join the world of Human Resources? HR Professionals are well rounded individuals with skillsets that can be applied to many different areas when it comes to your career. As a HR professional myself, I can tell you that wearing many different hats is what you should expect in this industry. When searching for a career path that will work for you, HR is a great option for individuals with these types of characteristics. Curious to know what they are? without further ado, here are 5 valuable character traits for HR Professionals: 

  1. Great Communication Skills.
    Out of all the roles in an organization, HR Professionals will need to be able to properly communicate in a clear way with many people. HR crosses all lines and needs to work with every employee and department head. Knowing how to communicate confidently and clearly is a strong skill to have.

  2. Emotional Control.
    In HR, you will be dealing with the most personal and emotional parts of running a business. As a HR director, you will oftentimes need to put your own feelings or emotions aside and see a situation from an outside perspective without any emotional ties to do what is best for the employee or the organization as a whole. 

  3. Empathy.

    Although we just discussed being able to put your emotions aside, that doesn’t mean to have no emotion at all. It is vital that as a HR professional you are able to be empathetic to what your fellow employees are going through and look at circumstances from their point of view. 

  4. Intellectual Curiosity.
    Any successful person will tell you that continual education and learning is essential for growth and further success. This is no different for any HR professional. Being willing to continually learn about the company, the employees, and your field of work will allow you to go far and have a successful career in human resources.

  5. Accountability.
    It is impossible to never make a mistake and as an HR Professional, there will likely be times that you do. But the important thing is that you take responsibility and are able to be humble own those situations. Not everyone will always be pleased, but being confident in your ability to hold yourself accountable if need be is a very string skill to have in your pocket. 

What other traits do you think are important for Human Resource Representative to have? 

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