Leslie Rubero

Gift Ideas For The Traveler in 2020

Travel lovers have had a hard year. For many, travel was an escape and when that came to a halt this year, there was adjusting to be made. As we approach the holidays, let’s get creative on ways in which we can share the love of travel without gifting plane tickets. There are so many awesome ways to inspire the love of travel and culture as well as fuel that sense of adventure and exploration from right in our own homes. Here are some of the most unique gifts I found for those travel lovers in your life – or for yourself! 

  1. Camera Equipment – Something that started trending this year was the Instax and Fujifilm instant cameras. These are so fun for get togethers and parties, especially to give them out right on the spot. Everything is so digital, sometimes the personal tangible touch is what we all need! 
  2. Subscriptions From Around the World – Monthly boxes are always a great gift idea, but ones that come from all over the globe are even more special. There are coffee from different countries, spices from all over the world, and even art from different regions that can all be delivered right to your door. It’s like going on a trip without leaving your town. 
  3. Cork board Travel Map – Planning out trips for 2021 is likely in the minds of these travel buffs. Cork board maps that let you make plans and mark where you’ve been and where you’d like to go next can be a fun way to spend the time at home. 
  4. Custom Jewelry From Their Favorite Place – Coordinates that mean a lot to the individual can be made into a bracelet or necklace or even a keychain so that they can always have that special location on them! 
  5. Travel Themed Decor – Does anyone else love getting decor for the holidays? Travel themed decorations, like pictures, globes, stickers, tapestries and more can remind your loved ones of destinations they remember and ones they hope to see soon. 

Travel may be not as prevalent this year, but the desire is still there! Travel lovers will be thrilled with any of these unique gifts and the thoughtfulness that is shown by thinking about one of their biggest passions! 

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