Leslie Rubero

Holiday Season Fitness Tips

Oh, the holidays! They can bring about so much joy, but then afterwards sometimes regret. Many times we just accept that the holidays will be a bad time for our wellness routines, but that does not have to be the case! If you are committed to keeping your health in check during the last few months of the year, it can be done. And not only can it be done, but you don’t have to feel like you’re being a kill joy either. Check out some of these holiday season fitness and wellness tips to keep you going strong:

  1. Shop well!
    There are so many temptations during this time of year. You simply walk into the grocery store and you are showcased a huge variety of candies, cookies, cakes, you name it! Although I will definitely splurge here and there on a holiday dessert, it is important to know the right time and place. If you are passionate about keeping your fitness in check this season, then setting boundaries is key. Show well for yourself. Keep only the foods and drinks you normally would in your own home – that way, when you go out to those holiday parties, you won’t feel bad about trying out their treats!
  2. Schedule your exercise!
    Time seems to run short this time of year. Making it a priority to work out might mean changing up your schedule & that’s okay! Look ahead on your calendar and make sure to pencil in your workouts. Even if they look a little different or involve the kids while they are home on school break – do it! You will feel great for keeping up your routine.
  3. Hydrate!
    This is such an important health and fitness tip in general, but sometimes throughout all the hustle it can be forgotten. Also, people tend to forget to drink as much water when the weather isn’t as hot. Don’t forget to bring your water with you – shopping, to parties, etc!

The holidays can be a great time to include your fitness and still indulge! Take these tips to heart and don’t let the stress get in your head. You got this!

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