Leslie Rubero

Home Office Trends For 2021

A home office should never feel like it needs to replicate a corporate space. If you are working from home, then creating an office space that works for YOU and your needs is what is most important. You have the benefit of being able to have a space that is all about you and your likes and wants, so why not embrace it!? In case you are looking for some inspiration, I have gathered some of the trendy home office ideas for 2021:

  1. Add color! Gone are the corporate days of grey, white, and black. You have control to make your space bright and cheery with your favorite colors. Adding color can be as easy as accessories on your desk, curtains over your windows, or a pop of color on the walls. There is no right or wrong way to add in your favorite hue.
  2. Get the perfect seat. Remember how uncomfortable your office chair was? Was your back aching by the end of the day? Take charge of your health and comfort with the perfect chair built for you! Also, you can get one that is a statement piece and adorable in your space as well.
  3. Create peace. Serenity and calmness are wonderful aspects of an office space that can be achieved at home. Light music, candles or oil diffusers, soft lighting are all ways in which you can create natural ambiance.
  4. Natural light. Consider allowing in natural light to your office space. Not only does it make for a more well lit area to work, but natural sunlight is actually great for your mental health.
  5. Make an impact on your walls. Statement pieces that are bold and fun can really inspire you in your work day. Some choose to add pictures of family and friends as motivation during the workday and some choose quotes or pictures that inspire them.

I hope these trends inspire you to create an office space that you love and can get your maximum potential out of! Remember, no trend is as lovely as the one that YOU love!

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