Leslie Rubero

How HR Professionals Can Adapt To Difficult Times

There has never been uncertainty like the year 2020 – especially for professionals and businesses in general. The confusion, the changes, and the challenges that have come alongside a global pandemic, economic shutdown, and quarantine is something that no one could have been anticipating, however HR professionals have been out in the front of the fight to keep, save, adapt, and unfortunately also let go of jobs that they are responsible for. 

How can HR professionals adapt to difficult times? Well at this point, many already have been thrown into the fire but if you are looking for tips on how to navigate times of confusions, here are a few tips: 

  1. Change your mindset from complicated to complex thinking.

    Its easy for hard times to complicate things. But the difference between allowing a situation to complicate your business and being in control by critically thinking and applying complex processes to overcome is the difference. Try thinking out of the box when situations arise that are out of your control. Creating complexity in how you do your work and conduct business will allow you to overcome with processes in place, creative measures for employees, and back up plans.

  2. Create trust in your work environment.

    When employees feel chaos, it can easily lead to disloyalty simply because of fear or confusion. When you create a culture of trust in your work environment and between you and your coworkers and employees, you can be certain that even when uncertain times come along, like working from home or periods of less commissions and sales, your employees will trust that you have their best interests in mind and keep showing up.

  3. Place an emphasis on communication.

    Over communicating is a great skill to have as an HR professional. in fact, “over-communication” shouldn’t even be a term because properly communicating is definitely not too much. When your organization knows that you are there with information, care, assistance, and direction, they can be more committed in their jobs and feel secure in their workplace – no matter what comes your way.

HR is a world of changes and whether it is your personal business that is facing uncertain times or a global issue that is affecting the entire world’s economy, you can do your part to create peace and stability in the midst. 

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