Leslie Rubero

How To Create A Gallery Wall In Your Home

Gallery walls are all the rage – as they should be! Gallery walls give you the chance to showcase your personal style and what matters most to you, in a way that doesn’t take up a lot of square footage but brings a huge amount of personality to any space. Creating a gallery wall does not have to be intimidating at all – even though you may not know exactly where to start. I am here to help share my tips on how to create a gallery wall that you will love and adore and that your guests will surely compliment. 

Start with the layout that you want and find the perfect space to showcase it. Some great ideas are in a hall way, above your couch or desk, or in a dining room – although it can look fabulous just about anywhere that you decide. Measure out how much space you have and then get to work mapping out where you think various pieces could go. Get some post its to stick on the wall so that you can visually see it better. 

Next, you need to find the art that you want to hang! A gallery wall is always fun when you mix some photography with some graphics and some personal gems as well. Think about the color palette that you would like to have. Then, curate your pictures. You can shop around in stores like Target to Hobby Lobby or you can download free printable sheets online! 

Adding frames can help to elevate the look as well. You can choose to coordinate them all for a real modern feel or for a more eclectic look, decide to change them up and have fun with the frames. 

A gallery wall is all about what YOU personally love. Don’t let any rules stop you from hanging up your favorite beach photos or the day your baby was born, black or white graphics, or trendy bold pieces. This is supposed to be all about you so the best tip for creating a gallery wall is to make sure that you adore it! 

Do you have one in your home or office space? What color scheme or theme did you go with? 

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