Leslie Rubero

How To Keep From Snacking Aimlessly While Working From Home

There are many benefits to working from home…no commute, no need for a separate work wardrobe, scheduling flexibility, etc…but there are also some pitfalls to working from home. The snack cupboard is much more accessible! Here are a few ways to keep from snacking aimlessly while working from home.

Drink water. When you feel tempted to begin snacking, grab a glass of water. First of all, this gives you something to do which can take your mind off wanting a snack. Second, the water can give you the feeling of being full and you’ll feel less of a desire to snack. After your glass of water wait 30 minutes and see if you’re still hungry. If you are, it’s okay to grab a snack, just keep in mind some of these other tips.

Plate your snack. Snacks are not a bad thing. However, snacking aimlessly usually isn’t a good thing. Rather than grabbing the whole bag of chips for your snack, portion out a serving and use plateware?. This helps trigger your brain to know when the snack is over instead of continually reaching back in the bag for more. If you finish the serving and want more you physically have to get up and get more and usually that is enough of a deterrent to not replenish the dish.

Take a walk. Sometimes when you are tempted to snack your brain is simply looking for a distraction. A quick walk around the block can be enough to distract your brain and allow you to come back and focus on the task at hand.

Buy healthy snacks. If you know you’re going to be tempted to snack, replace the unhealthy snacks in your house with healthier options. Next time you want to snack you can grab carrots. If you end up snacking aimlessly, it’s okay because you are eating a really healthy option!

Don’t skip meals. When you work from home it can be easy to lose track of time and forget to eat meals. Then you’ll get hungry later and be tempted to just grab a snack and snack aimlessly to make the hunger go away. Eating regular meals can help keep hunger in check and reduce the desire for snacking.

Hide the snacks. Make sure the snacks aren’t in an easily accessible place. By storing them in harder to reach places, you’ll have to really think twice about getting a snack because of the work involved in getting the snack.

With so many benefits to working from home, implement these tips and tricks to help eliminate one of the cons, aimless snacking.

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