Leslie Rubero

How To Organize Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

We are all looking for better sleep. We search the internet for tips, we buy countless new sets of sheets, and even take supplements that claim to help us. Better sleep is something we all need and deserve, but did you know that you can actually start catching better zzz’s by just rearranging the space that you sleep in? There is some validity in the Feng Shui of it all & taking just a few tips into consideration, you can be sleeping better – starting tonight! 

The first tip comes as something that may seem obvious, but it is one of the most important steps: decluttering! You have got to make your sleeping space a sanctuary, and to be able to do that, it’s got to be decluttered. Once you have less stuff crowding up your room, it will be easier to keep the space clean and therefore you will naturally feel less stressed when using it as a space to wind down. 

Next is some facts about placement, and why you should place your bed away from the door. There is a subconscious anxiety that can start to happen when your bed is next to the door and you don’t have a clear view on who is coming in. Even if you live alone, your mind is more settled when you are facing the doorway and not in a place that hides you from it’s direct view. 

Think about the colors you are using in your space. A bedroom that invites you to better sleep is one with colors that can help you settle in and unwind – mind, body, and soul. This means that less patterns and less busy and loud color schemes will ultimately be the best choice. Whites, grays, neutrals are some of the best, but also light blues and pinks do well. 

Lastly, start to think about the symmetry of the room. If you have the space to make the room symmetrical – like having 2 side tables instead of only one – do it! Your room will feel more put together and organized as well. 

Have you implemented any of these design tips into your space? Have you noticed your sleep improve? 

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