Leslie Rubero

How To Recruit The Best Employees For Your Organization

Whether you are looking to hire your first team members, replace existing team members or expand your team, finding the best employees for the job is important. There are several ways to be proactive before you even get to the interview phase of the process. Here are several strategies for how to recruit the best employees for your organization.

The first tip is to make sure that you begin the hiring process early. Be aware of the busy seasons for your organization and begin recruiting well before the peak. If you have regular openings in your organization it can be beneficial to have a rolling recruiting process so that you are always looking for talent to hire. When determining the timeline of your hiring process it can be helpful to set internal goals for when you want to hire employees and then work backwards for when you need to begin recruiting. Adding in extra time to your timeline can help ensure you are recruiting the best employees instead of simply having to choose from whichever candidates happen to be available. 

Another tip to ensure you are recruiting the best employees for your organization is to build and maintain a recruiting pipeline. There are several ways to do this successfully. One option is to implement a referral program for your current workers. Quality workers who like their job, and the company, are more likely to recruit similarly high quality workers. It is also important to make connections in your local community to help recruit candidates. Reach out to community and four-year colleges, employment agencies, nonprofits and community groups to build relationships and promote your work opportunities. As you cultivate those relationships they will likely be able to recommend potential candidates when the time comes for you to hire.

Another strategy for recruiting the best employees is to develop an intern program. An intern program allows you to see potential employees in action and see how they perform in difficult situations. This also gives you an opportunity to build company best practices and culture in potential employees, while they are still a part of the intern program. At the conclusion of the intern program you will have effectively conducted a months-long interview allowing you to be confident you are recruiting the best employees for your organization. 

The health and success of your organization depends on the employees you recruit and hire. Implement these tips to ensure you recruit the best employees for your organization.

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