Leslie Rubero

How We Are Rethinking HR in 2021

It sounds repetitive to keep referring to 2020 as the year that so many things changed, but the reality is that it did make a huge impact on how we do personal life and work life. Industries are in a strange spot, where finding employees has drastically changed, roles for workers have changed, requirements for business’ have changed and everything in between. HR departments have been at the forefront of trying to stay up to date with new rules, regulations, and criteria, as well as supply their business with healthy and happy workers.

HR is not for the weak – it never has been – but 2020 made for some strong and motivated individuals, who stuck it out and helped champion their company to make it through. Now in 2021, we are rethinking the way HR is going to work because we can see how our roles are shifting and responsibilities are growing. Here are a few of the ways that HR is being reimagined this year:

  1. Shifting to remote work.
  2. Learning to communicate online vs in person.
  3. Finding ways to accurately assist and check in on your employees.
  4. Fuel creativity and teamwork – even through remote work or social distancing requirements.

Human resources is a job that is all about the success of the individuals and how that affects the organization. As we worry and brainstorm during this time about constant changes, it is important to always put the employee first and see how we can assist them in this crazy new workplace.

What ways have you found your job to be more difficult this year? In what ways have you found your job to be more rewarding?

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