Leslie Rubero

Instagram Photography Trends That Blew Up in 2020

The year of social media – we thought we were all invested before – but in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, people came together even more so online. Luckily, we have a tool at our disposal that allowed us to still feel connected when we were quarantined and social distancing, but creativity also flourished in this time. Instagram trends have been coming & going all year and many are here to stay. Are you looking for ways to up your Insta game? Why not jump on some of these trends to finish out the year strong! 

  1. Candid Moments
    Gone are the days where perfect photoshopped photos are all you see on your feed. Instagram has really becoming a place for the “real person” and I personally think that’s a great trend! Candid moments of your family together, the authentic laughs, the movement in your pictures… all of these are great ways to hop on this trend that is definitely going to be here to stay! 
  2. Adding Vertical Shots
    Instagram is known for their squares, but this year, people have really embraced the different options that we have for sharing photo shapes and sizes! Vertical photos have become popular and it’s a great change to brighten up your newsfeed. 
  3. Drone Shots or Aerial Photography
    Getting creative means thinking of new angles and that is what we are seeing a lot of online now. These drone shots and overhead positioned photos give so much unique perspective. 
  4. Honest Close Up Selfies
    Speaking of keeping it more real, more and more we are getting to see less retouching and more real life selfies which is a great movement that is sure to grow in 2021. 
  5. Videos and Reels
    Reels are the new feature that Instagram has rolled out and they are taking over. Short videos have been a huge trend during quarantine and it’s really getting people to show off their personalities! 

What trends are you excited about trying? Instagram is a great place to be able to share creatively who you are with the world! 

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