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The Most Popular Desserts For The Holidays in 2019

Let’s be real for a second. We all look forward to the grand desserts and treats that can be found all around for the holidays! Many of us enjoy baking them while some of us would rather visit the bakery and grab a few to share with others, but either way, desserts are a huge tradition during this time of year. Are you looking for something unique or something timeless to share this year at your dessert table? Here are some of the most popular desserts for the holidays in 2019 broken down by who and how you are celebrating!

For The Festive Host – The Red Velvet Cake
Nothing looks more festive and classy then a beautiful red velvet cake topped with some luxurious creamy frosting!

For The One Who Thinks Christmas Doesn’t Start Until After Thanksgiving – A Classic Pumpkin Pie
No one can resist a delicious pumpkin pie as you sit around with family & discuss all you are thankful for this year.

For The Kids – Santa’s Favorite Sugar Cookies
Make a pan of some timeless sugar cookies, grab the icing, and let the kids get to decorating!

For The Sophisticated Dinner Party – Roasted & Caramelized Pears
This is for those who tend to think that desserts with sprinkles are for the children. Take it up a notch with something decadent that your guests will never forget.

For Those Who Love Dessert For Breakfast – Seven Layer Bars
These cookie crumble, coconut, and chocolate chip bars can easily be taken home and had for breakfast Christmas morning – I mean, it’s basically a granola bar!

Don’t forget some of the classic holiday treats, like peppermint brownies, pecan pie, and assorted chocolates! Everyone loves a great holiday dessert and with these festive ones, you will be the host with the most.

What are some of your favorites for this time of year?

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