Leslie Rubero

Top 5 Cities To Visit This Autumn

Have you always dreamed of a fall vacation? So many of us make all these summer plans, but what about autumn? This time of year is beautiful & the weather is amazing in so many cities around the country. If you are anything like me, then choosing to take a fall vacation this year is high on your list! Honestly, just about anywhere you choose to go will likely welcome you with a cool breeze and some pretty leaves, but I have compiled 5 cities that are extra charming during this time of year.

Boston is a great choice if you are looking to really enjoy the leaves changing and the temperature dropping. You will get the crisp air with the scenery straight out of a movie backdrop! Take a boat ride or ferry tour around the city and you will be in awe of the yellows, reds, and oranges that have enveloped the skyscrapers of the city.

Savannah, GA is another stunning choice for your fall travels. Southern hospitality at it’s finest with greenery that will take your breath away. Did you know that Savannah is also one of the country’s most haunted cities? What better place to celebrate the month of Halloween! There are even ghost tours you can take to make the trip that much more memorable.

Nashville, TN may be a favorite hot spot year round, but you don’t want to miss it in the autumn season! If you like country music, then this place is for you, too. With tons of music festivals just in time to rock your favorite boots, you will be all set. Nashville is also known to have some pretty great family friendly festivals, corn mazes, the works!

New Orleans has a special charm that is elevated once the heat and humidity subside. Again, as a city known for it’s spooky past, this is a destination that draws visitors interested in it’s many voodoo and ghoulish offerings. For the sports fans – you can also catch a game at the Superdome! That is something you will want to see for yourself.

San Diego is prized year-round for the city’s incredible climate, but heading here in the fall is a perfect choice. The weather is just as comfortable, but the tourists are few and far between. You can enjoy the city and all of its great offerings – from the beach to the zoo, your kids will love it too!

This season should be a great one for travel! Where are you heading?

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