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Travel Blogs To Browse Since We Cannot Travel Ourselves

When you love to travel, one of the worst things you could be told is: you must stay home. Although I am sure we are all grateful for a cozy place to call home, there is a wanderlust inside of us that we are itching to let free. The time will come again, soon I am certain, where we can freely travel the globe once again, but until there it is all about getting crafty with how we satisfy our traveling sweet tooth. There are so many resources online, from live web cams of natural parks, to YouTube videos of some of the grandest locations on earth. Getting the chance to feel up close and personal to some of those places on our bucket list is an awesome thing. In fact, here are a bunch of fabulous travel bloggers that have shared some incredible destinations over the years. Browse their sites to get some info for when these travel bans are lifted. 

1. Legal Nomads

2. Expert Vagabond

3. The Voyageur

4. The Poor Traveler

5. Nomadic Matt

6. Hand Luggage Only

7. Maptia

8. Adventurous Kate

9. Dan Flying Solo

10. Migrationology

11. Amateur Traveler

12. Backpacking Matt

13. A Broken Backpack

14. Spin the Globe

Are you feeling inspired yet? With so many gorgeous pictures and amazing tips surrounding some of the world’s most traveled to destinations, these bloggers have allowed us to feel like we are getting to explore, all from our couches! With this time we have on our hands at home, why not start planning that dream vacation that you have always wanted to take? Now is the time to set goals and make plans to achieve them. 

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