Leslie Rubero

Ways To Travel Safe In 2020

While many travel plans were cancelled this spring, many people are now ready to head out and do some traveling. Although it might seem like a daunting task, with the right safety precautions in place, it is safe to make travel plans for the rest of 2020. Here are several ways to travel safely in 2020.

Avoid hotspots. When choosing a travel destination be mindful of not choosing an area that is a COVID hotspot. Check on the reported data for recent outbreaks and plan travel away from those locations. Also, out of respect for the locals, try to avoid areas where they don’t have the medical capacity to treat an increased load of visitors.

Hit the road. 2020 is a great year for heading out on a road trip to destinations a bit closer to home. Taking a road trip gives you more control of your environment as you can bring a few cleaning supplies with you and you are able to minimize contact with other travelers. This also allows you to explore at your leisure and visit roadside attractions along the way.

Minimize contact. As you are planning your travel, try to skip tourist hot spots to help avoid big crowds. If you visit attractions with smaller crowds it will be easier to minimize contact and maintain 6’ of social distancing. If you are unable to minimize contact you can wear a mask. Embrace this opportunity in 2020 to explore off-the-beaten path destinations and attractions.

Head outdoors. As you keep safety in mind for your 2020 travel plans, it can be helpful to brainstorm what you can do and see outdoors. Many national, state, and local parks are reopened and exploring these allows you to socially distance. Look for restaurants with outdoor dining options or head to a local deli and grab food to go. You can find a local park and enjoy a picnic outdoors. Look for outdoor plays, concerts and activities that you can enjoy.

Clean as you go. When you reach your destination take a few minutes to wipe down all the surfaces in your hotel room. Hotel cleaning protocols have increased but this just gives you an extra layer of protection. You can also bring a lightweight portable UVC sanitizing wand with you to help with cleaning high-touch areas like doorknobs and your personal belongings like cell phones and keys. 

2020 travel will look different than travel in other years, but with these safety precautions in place there are still ways to travel safely in 2020. 

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