Leslie Rubero

When will it be safe to travel again after Coronavirus?

For the travelers, this time has been new for us. For the of us who thrive off planning a trip and marking our passports, this time of quarantine has been a struggle. Although I know that we are all just thankful for the safety and wellbeing, health and wellness of ourselves and those we love – we cannot help but hope for the day when travel can become the norm once again. One of the most asked questions from those in the travel community has been: “when will it be safe to travel once again after coronavirus?” 

It’s the reality that we will likely not ever be rid of this new virus – but we can hope that we slowed the curve enough to be able to get back to normal life very shortly. Travel was one of the first things to stop – especially international travel – and it will probably be one of the last aspects of life to bounce back. People are still being cautious and taking their time exploring new places – and since not everywhere has phased their opening yet, it is smart to do so. 

Many countries, counties, cities, and states are opening back up, which is great news! We are all wondering when we can get back on the road or back in a plane. The short answer is that wherever is open for business and tourism is technically safe to travel to – meaning they believe that they have slowed the spread enough to be able to welcome tourists again without a detriment to anyone’s health and wellbeing. It would be smart to make sure that you thoroughly research the area that you are looking to travel to though before you book anything. Make sure that they are truly open for business, are not requiring a self quarantine period when you arrive or leave, and that they are welcoming guests in their tourism departments – like hotels and restaurants. 

Do you have any plans in mind? I know so many of us are looking forward to that first trip post-quarantine! Let me know where you are heading! 

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