Leslie Rubero

Why Planning a Fall Vacation Is Good For The Soul

It’s no secret that American’s love the Autumn season! With a glimpse of summer coming to a close we look to our calendar’s to make sure that we maximize the fall and winter time right. Autumn is the perfect time to discover a new place, take that awaited trip, and enjoy time with family and friends. Although summertime is often synonymous with vacation, the fall months can be a great change of pace & much needed after the hectic back to school season rolls around. There are so many reasons why planning a fall vacation is good for the soul, but here are just a few! 

Fall is actually said to be the most popular season in the USA and that comes as no surprise. The weather is a great reason as to why so many of us look forward to this time of year. Having weather that is more mild – unlike the summer and winter months – means that there is more freedom to get outdoors, which is great for everyone’s spirit! Plan a camping trip, head to a cabin, make plans to hike that National Park you have always admired from afar. The great news is that you will likely have a cool breeze and some warm sun following you on these adventures.

Fall is scientifically seen by most people as a comforting time. It may be the cozy sweaters, the time traveling home to see the family, or the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, but planning a vacation at a time that is bound to make you feel more peaceful is a serious plus. Summer can be seen as so hectic, crazed, and temporary, but overall we see autumn as a time to slow it down and begin to enjoy our time & spend it wisely. Take a trip that helps you feel connected to nature and connected to your loved ones. A retreat to the mountains or bike rides through a gorgeous resort are just some ways to take in the chill and comforting feelings of the autumn season.

Summer may be almost gone, but the feelings of a getaway shouldn’t be far from your mind! The best is yet to come & it’s bound to be just as relaxing and soothing as any hot summery trip ever could be.

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