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Packing Tips Inspired By Full Time Travelers

There are two types of people in the world: those who love to pack and those who loathe to pack. I think it’s pretty universal that vacations are enjoyable, but sometimes the planning and getting ready process can be overwhelming – especially when you don’t travel often. Full time travelers have got the packing game down pat & they have shared some of their best tips on how to pack so that you can feel put together, stress free, and organized for your next trip. 

  1. Use packing cubes: It is much easier to see everything you have and how it will all fit together when you organize into packing cubes. This also helps you from tearing through an entire suitcase if you are just looking for your bathing suit or hairbrush. Packing cubes help keep everything streamlined. 
  2. Pack by outfit: This will help you not to overpack or under pack. If you get each outfit together beforehand, then you won’t have to wonder what to wear each day of your trip. 
  3. Keep essentials in your carry on bag: Think about what you would not be able to live without, or things that you will be reaching for often. THAT is what should be in your carry on. If your bag is delayed, you should feel like you still have what you need for that first day or night. 
  4. Be selective about footwear: We all love shoes, but on trips, you will save a whole lot of space if you really choose wisely. Ideally, for a normal week long trip 3 shoes should be max. 
  5. Keep jewelry in snack bags: You know what is unfortunate? When you unpack your jewelry and it’s completely tangled. Some special pieces have been ruined simply from an unorganized storage system. Each piece should be in it’s own bag to completely avoid any issue in this area. 
  6. Take the disposable laundry bag from the hotel room: Most likely, your closet at the hotel will have a drawstring laundry bag. Use this on your way home to keep dirty shoes or clothing separate from your clean stuff. 
  7. Dryer sheets are your best friend: Dryer sheets in your luggage can make a huge difference & keep everything fresh and clean smelling! 
  8. Be prepared for wet swimwear: If you will be swimming, then you should not leave your house without a waterproof bag in your suitcase. There is a good chance that your bathing suit won’t be quite dry by the time you are traveling home, and you do not want that getting everything else soaked and smelly. 
  9. Pack sample size toiletries: The space you save by bringing small containers instead of any full size ones will be huge. Make sure to pick up some sample and travel sizes before your trip! 
  10. Roll, don’t fold: Folding has been proven to take up more space. Roll your clothing to use the maximum amount of space in your bag.

What are your best packing tips? Is there anything you swear by?  

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