Leslie Rubero

10 Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Cubicle or Desk Space

Having a designated space to work can be motivating and help inspire direction in your business or your hobbies, but a cluttered or boring workspace can have the opposite effect. Do you have a space that you love to work at? If not, then I hope that this list of ways to spruce up your desk or cubicle can be of inspiration to make your office an oasis – somewhere that you enjoy spending your day at! I have put together a list of 10 easy and cost effective ways to make your desk a little more “you” and a lot more fun. 

  1. Add photo wallpaper – Instead of the traditional pictures pinned to a cork board, how about creating a photo wallpaper where you can print our some of your favorite Instagram photos and arrange them on the back shelf of your bookshelf or along the rim of your cubicle. Adding a little pop of color and some fun memories of people you love in your space is bound to encourage you. 
  2. Personalize your clipboard – Do you have a clipboard where you keep important papers or carry with you into the board room? Making it fun with colors, metallics, and stickers can even bring a pop of enjoyment wherever you bring it. 
  3. Organize your drawers – Don’t dread opening up your pen drawer just to fund junk piling up. Grab some organizers and dividers, some wallpaper or craft paper, and line the drawers and restructure them to serve you better and put a smile on your face every time you open them. 
  4. Include a cute DIY mousepad. If you are using a desktop and have a mouse, then adding your own creative mousepad is an easy way to add color and personality to the space. 
  5. Add acrylic drawers and trays to display your fun supplies. A great way to make a space seem more put together is by being organized and being able to see what you have available to you. Acrylic trays can bring elegance and organization to your space. 
  6. Add real plants or flowers. Bringing greenery into any room instantly lifts the mood and the atmosphere. Either add a small one in a pretty jar on your desk or a large one in a pot on the floor. 
  7. Bring vintage decor elements in. Finding unique pieces at thrift shops can be an interesting way to have some decor that is unique and doesn’t break the bank. 
  8. Have a white board or chalk board. Let those creative ideas flow! Having a space to jot down notes or your to-do list for the day can help set your mind free. 
  9. Hang cards and inspirational words in plain sight. We are what we surround ourselves with! Adding motivational words and fond memories can be a mood lifter while you work and keep you going all the more. 
  10. Make sure to bring your personality in. It is proven that the more your personal style shines in a space the happier and more inspired you will be in that area! Make it fun and make it feel like an oasis. Work doesn’t have to be boring. 

What decor tips do you have for your work space? Are you in need of some sprucing up? 

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