Leslie Rubero

Adding Seasonal Fruits & Veggies To Your Spring Diet

Spring is here and that means many people are looking to spruce up and elevate many parts of their lives: including their diets! Spring time brings a whole new excitement of hope and new life and the produce department is no different. A well-loved springtime activity is picking your own fruits from local farms and orchards. These fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies make a great spring addition to your diet and can be used in a variety of interesting and delicious recipes! 

Have you picked your own fruit from a local farm? The bright and bold flavors are something to get excited about! Adding these flavors into your daily meals can make your normal food a little more crave worthy and maybe even help your family members step out of their comfort zones! Here are some of my top springtime fruits and vegetables that you can include into your everyday life as well: 

  1. Apricots – these are extra delicious when dried out and can taste just like a gummy candy! Perfect for a snack to keep in your bag when you’re looking for something sweet. 
  2. Avocados – one of the most loved tropical fruits of our time, avos are great for homemade guac or toast in the morning! Plus, they are excellent on salads and sandwiches. 
  3. Carrots – many don’t associate carrots with the spring time season, but making fresh soups are a great way ton include them in your diet. 
  4. Strawberries – although loved all year round, strawberries are wonderful for smoothies, salads, and shortcake – a BBQ favorite! 
  5. Mango – make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation by adding this to your drinks or slicing it up for a family snack. 
  6. Lemons – Grabbing a bunch of local lemons and making your own lemon water or lemonade makes your typical water a little more fun for the springtime! 
  7. Radishes – a really tasty way to add some crunch to your salads and some color in there as well! 
  8. Peas – a sweet and easy snack or a good addition to soups, salads, or a side dish. 

Using local produce really makes your recipes pop and create textures and flavors that your friends and family will surely love! 

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