Leslie Rubero

Where To Start When It Comes To Spring Cleaning

Each and every year we flock to our closets and laundry rooms and more to begin the process of decluttering and reorganizing! Are you getting the itch to spruce up your home this year as well? As the winter comes to a close and we need to transfer the snow clothing back into storage, it’s the perfect opportunity to start from scratch and see what we really need and what can go. Furthermore, many of us get the cleaning bug to deep clean each room one by one. It seems at this point like a tradition that we keep to! 

Wondering where to start without getting overwhelmed? Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a commitment that we start but cannot complete. With some organized time and scheduling put into place, you can have a sparkly clean home by the end of the season. Does that sound good to you? Well here are a few tips to keep you on track! 

  1. Make reasonable goals. Don’t feel like you need to do it all in a day. Your whole home didn’t get cluttered and messy overnight, and it likely will take some time to get it to where you want it to be. Based on your own personal schedule, make a goal for each day and each week’s accomplishments. That way you can stay on track without getting burnt out. 
  2. Start with the area’s that you procrastinate often. Do you have a junk drawer or a closet that you don’t even dare to open because of what is lurking behind the door? These areas should be tackled first – while you have the motivation and energy to get it done! 
  3. Labor intensive items should stay at the top of your list. Going along with point number 2, placing the harder projects and more labor intensive work near the top will ensure that it gets done and is not put off any longer than it needs to be. 
  4. Enlist your family to help! If you have family members living with you, give them as task for their space as well. Ask them to clean out their drawers of things they don’t want or need anymore, strip their bed and throw it in the laundry, etc! Having some helping hands will really help the overall project. 

Spring cleaning can really brighten and clear up your space which can in turn assist your mood as well! a happy and healthy space leads to a happy and healthy person. 

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