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Fall Photoshoot Ideas To Try

Something about the fall season brings about a little bit of magic in the air. Have you ever met someone who didn’t like this time of year? Cooler weather, the changing of the leaves, the anticipation of the holidays are all some of the great reasons why autumn is easily the most beloved season of them all. This is also the perfect time to get some new photos – whether for your family, for your business, or just for some photography practice! With great backdrops, beautiful colors, and nicer weather, taking photos during Sept, Oct, and Nov can be ideal. Here are some of my favorite trends for fall photography and some photoshoot ideas that you should try for yourself over these next few months. 

  1. Playing in the leaves – This is a classic shot. With the falling of the leaves comes the perfect prop to be able to work with. It’s nature’s confetti! It’s also fun for people of all ages from little kids, to couples looking for a playful shoot.

  2. At the farm – With the beautiful barns, rustic fences, and adorable animals perfect for cuddling & petting, the farm is a great backdrop for any subjects.

  3. Within the pumpkin patch – There is no denying that pumpkins are the clear winner of the fall season. It shouldn’t be hard to find a pumpkin patch or market near you, and whether they are big or small, perfectly shaped or quirky gourds, you can make some seriously cute photos!

  4. Apple picking – An activity that the whole family will love, and it is super photogenic as well. The candid playfulness of the activity coupled with the beauty of the orchards will provide photos that will impress anyone.

  5. Getting cozy – Fall is the perfect time of year for cozy and intimate photos, especially for couples pictures like engagement and anniversary shoots. Bring a huge plaid blanket and cozy up!

  6. Matching the foliage – Who doesn’t love a good matching outfit photo shoot? Families are usually great at mastering this art, but this time of year the golden yellows, reds, oranges, and browns will stand out and blend in with the foliage all at the same time.

  7. Drinking cider or PSLs – Love your signature drink this time of year? Show it off with some playful and candid photos with your mug in hand.

  8. Corn fields and mazes – What fun it is to play and photograph! Corn fields provide a unique backdrop while having a blast at the same time.

  9. Family hayride – Sessions with families are so special and capturing the moments of children’s joy is a great way to have a successful photo shoot.

  10. Shooting in golden hour/season – The PERFECT light, just ask any photographer! 

Are you using any of these ideas for your autumn themed photo shoots? 

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