Leslie Rubero

How To Know You Are a Good Photographer

Photography is like any art – it is totally about the artist’s perspective. Photography oftentimes ends up in a class all it’s own, but in actuality, it should just be considered ART. Why does this matter? Because when we truly view photography as art, then there isn’t “good” and “bad” – there are simply different style, tastes, likes, and dislikes. As a photographer, it can be difficult to get past the comparison game that we often play. Is someone else better than me? Are they booking more jobs? Does it come more naturally? 

Are you a good photographer? Well, there is no yes or no answer to that! If you are happy with the work you are doing and are making your clients happy, then yes. Success comes to those who find their passion and live it out well. 

You know you are a good photographer when you are fulfilled and happy doing your job. You know you are good when you have mastered your camera and editing settings to come out how you like your photos consistently. You know that you are good when you are staying on top of your client’s needs: creating, scheduling, editing, and sending out your imagines. 

Photography is not one style – just take a look at the magazine covers, bloggers photos, and popular Instagram pages. Each style is so different, yet there are people who love all different types. Photographs can ignite feelings in the way they are created, edited, and shared. Finding your passion and style will be the tell tale sign that you have mastered your craft and are in fact a “good photographer.” 

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