Leslie Rubero

Making Your Home A Smart Home

Smart homes are definitely not a new phenomenon, but they are getting increasingly more popular and common and virtually every home has begun integrating some sort of smart feature. What have you implemented already?

Starting a smart home may sound intimidating, but it does not have to be at all. The first steps should require you to think about your most common or most wanted needs. Is safety a concern for you? Is convenience the biggest driving factor for wanting to have a smart home? Think about your personal needs and desires and that is a great starting point for what you may need in some smart home systems.

Most smart features are built off of your phone – apps. Apps make it so that you can reach your house’s features from anywhere and everywhere. Here are some of the most common smart home features that individuals or families place into their lives:

  1. Home security and cameras / doorbell cameras
  2. AC and heating accessibility
  3. Lights and outlets
  4. Smart TV’s and home entertainment

As you figure out what works best for you, one of my biggest pieces of advice is to read online reviews of products. Many families have tried these products before and listening to what worked for them will help you establish a smart home that has been tried and true. What system will you integrate into your space first?

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